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This call is to get clarity on your present situation and help you identify a clear path forward. There are limited weekly places available so make sure you claim your spot now.

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When you book your call you will be asked to answer a few brief questions. This is important information for us to prepare to best help you on the call, so please take a few moments to answer the questions.

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On this call we will get clarity on your present situation and help you identify a clear path forward. We will discuss how your current symptoms may be linked to your gut bacteria and we will answer any questions you have so you come away from the call with a greater sense of clarity and hope.

Book Your Free Gut Evaluation Call Now...

What our clients are saying...


I came to see Amanda with gut issues, IBS, anxiety and depression

Working with her has excellent. She is informative, supportive, non-judgmental. My gut issues have settled, confidence improving, treatments actually working (nothing has worked for me in the past). 

It has been life changing for me working with Amanda. She is patient and with my anxiety issues and reluctance to try new things. She is caring, reassuring and supportive, always trying to do the best for me.

She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced - I trust her advice and it has been paying off for me!




I was looking to optimise my health and I was curious to explore how improving my gut health could benefit my overall health and wellbeing.

Working with Amanda was really good. She is incredibly knowledgeable.

My anxiety has reduced significantly. I am now just generally feeling really great!



I had muscle & joint pains badly impacting on my daily activities and life. I felt like my body & joints were rusted up, with everything feeling heavy. With a varying daily degree of morning headaches & brain fog.

Working with Amanda was great. I loved that everything is based in Australia & I like her down to earth approach. She is very knowlegable & easy to talk to.

I now have no more muscle & joint pain other than normal soreness from working out, which I now do most days. I couldn't do this before the program. I was too tired from pushing myself through the day. I have no more morning headaches & the brain fog is cleared. I am also sleeping much better! 



I understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to try and solve your health concerns.

I had my own health struggles at one time...

For years I struggled with constant sinus allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (or so I thought)...

After seeing a practitioner, who gave me a simple plan to follow, I was able to understand my body more and make changes to my diet and lifestyle. I really started to feel the benefits!

I became inspired to study nutritional medicine, so I could help and empower others to take their health back. Now, after also specialising in the area of gut microbiome health for the last six years, I have served thousands of clients and seen patterns of healing. 

I have now taken all I have learned and created a unique approach to getting my clients incredible results. It is now my mission to take that knowledge and share it so you can get all the benefits that come with vital health!

Amanda Ledwith -Founder Prana Thrive

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