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I am now feeling great!

After doing the Genomic Wellness Test with Amanda I was surprised to find out that I have a high genetic risk of Coeliac disease. I had not been checked for Coeliac but had been suffering a range of digestive problems for years. After following Amanda’s recommendations and totally removing gluten from my diet I started to feel lighter and less bloated very quickly. I also loved the exercise information in relation to what suits my body best, and having a quick recovery, which has allowed me to tailor my workouts.

I am now feeling great!

Coby McKendrick ,

Maria's Testimonial

I met Amanda at Subiaco Markets as I bought all my organic foods and health products from her at Prana. I was attracted to her exceptional personality and professional knowledge immediately. As time went by, I shopped more and more with her. She has been guiding me with my health for the last 3 years. With her assistance, I have done the Genomic Wellness Testing. After receiving a detailed report about my wellbeing we went through the results together and she has recommended an optimal treatment plan. After seeing mine, my husband also did the test. I would recommend Amanda to everyone, she is very pleasant and knowledgeably person. Thank you very much for all your help Amanda.

Maria ,

cutting edge science and helps to filter out the day to day dietary/lifestyle information overwhelm.

The Genomic Wellness Test was sure worth the expense and totally justifiable from my initial hesitation. The test itself was comprehensive and extremely informative, providing a 'big picture' map.

Amanda was thorough in her interpretation of the results as well as supportive in her recommendations. It is fascinating, cutting edge science and helps to filter out the day to day dietary/lifestyle information overwhelm.

It sure sets the tone for the future, be it affirming of your current choices or an incentive to improve yourself with clear direction and courage.

Zoe Cooper ,

I found it hugely valuable. Thank you so much Amanda and team.

I had a Genomic Wellness test done by Amanda at PranaThrive and it was great to get detailed information on my DNA. I was interested to find out whether my choice of eating a vegetarian diet was good for my body, as I know sometimes certain blood types react differently to diet. So with this test I was able to get confirmation on this.

I also found out that short endurance exercise was complimentary to my gene type. The test also provided me with a huge amount of detailed information so I can make educated choices on what compliments my health and what doesn't.

I found it hugely valuable. Thank you so much Amanda and team.

Tenille Bentley ,

Many thanks Amanda!

Having had of variety of minor health issues culminating in Leaky Gut Syndrome I decided to undergo a Genomic Test. The main reason was to see if it could also help my children with their health.

I have to say the results showed me the reasons for my problems therefore pointing the way for major improvements. The test replaces guessing with knowing.

I have been working with Amanda for six months on a specific diet tailored to my genetic profile and though I am 77 years of age, have seen major improvements in my health. One of my daughters seems to be following my pattern of symptoms so I am able to guide her from my results. She is also improving.

Many thanks Amanda!

Valmai Parker ,

Amanda has healed me. This is the best endorsement I can give her.

I discovered Amanda and PranaThrive after suffering for more than two years from a range of symptoms including stomach pain, bloating, nausea and anxiety. I had exhausted every conventional medical treatment and testing and had almost resigned myself to accepting my daily physical and mental discomfort as my new normal.

Three months since starting my consultations with Amanda, I am free of all symptoms. Amanda has healed me. This is the best endorsement I can give her.

Amanda’s friendly, caring and approachable style complements her deep knowledge of her subject. She practises a great combination of the most up to date scientific testing and ancient healing wisdom to diagnose and treat.

Amanda is attentive and patient in her explanations and advice, and promptly responds via email to any requests for information. She provided a shopping list, menus and other guides on how to put into practice a healthier lifestyle.

Amanda is also realistic in her expectations and factors into her advice both the practicalities of every day life and the challenges in making changes to diet.

I recommend PranaThrive and Amanda to anyone who is tired of just surviving, and instead wants to thrive.

Bernard Hill , Lawyer

Dearest Amanda...

Dearest Amanda, I feel so much healthier with your support and advice built on a bedrock of strong, accessible, knowledge. You possess that vital and rare combination of gentle encouragement and no judgement.

I look forward to an ever more vital life as I enter my twilight years and feel lucky to have you along side to help keep me well and thriving.

Jo-Anne Hodson , Therapist

I am confident now, that I have scientifically backed information and support from Amanda.”

"The information presented on my GUT test results were extensive. I hadn't realised how much bacteria, good and bad, the human body carries, which only made it more valuable that I had taken the test.

Amanda explained it to me step by step, which bacteria I was lacking or in excess of, what these bacteria are responsible for and how it can affect my overall health. I wasn't surprised that there may be some troublesome areas within my Gut. Amanda was then able to show me these exact areas that needed attention and furthermore devise a healthy eating and supplementation plan to bring my gut back to a healthy state.

I am confident now, that I have scientifically backed information and support from Amanda that will allow me to take control of my Gut health. I have known Amanda for some time and she is understanding to people’s needs, professional in her practices, continually learning and upskilling in all areas of health and wellbeing. Highly recommended!"

Aaron Sullivan , Social Worker

I highly recommend taking the Gut Microbiome test with Prana Thrive - it's opened my eyes to a whole new world within.

I consider myself a relatively healthy person, but it wasn't until I did the Microbiome testing with Amanda that I really understood where the key to my health lies - in my gut!

Since getting the results analysed and recommendations from Amanda, I 'm more clear than ever before about how foods can impact my microbiome, and ultimately, my health.

Since following her recommendations I feel a dramatic improvement with my digestion and elimination. Knowing what foods to eat and supplements to take and WHY, is truely empowering!

I highly recommend taking the Gut Microbiome test with Prana Thrive - it's opened my eyes to a whole new world within.

Dean Kurlansky , Owner- I Am Foods

substantial improvement in my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms".

“I've been working with Amanda 3 yrs now and my general health and energy levels have been amazing along with the substantial improvement in my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms".

David McKendrick ,

When I started following the Gut Heal & Nourish Program I had Eczema on my face

I did the gut health meal plan for 4 weeks and now my eczema is now 90% gone.

I loved the recipes. Easy and yum.

Amy Turner ,

I am loving the recipes. Simple, tasty and exactly the type of foods I enjoy!

This is helping me on so many levels - I have never really cooked foods that cater to my taste. It has been about my husband and my girls, so it's not only making me feel clear, but it's also empowering putting my needs as high as theirs.

It's also saving me so much confusion with meal planning. My meal is paramount and then I build on or take away to compensate for the rest of the family. The meals are satisfying and helping me so much with structure and portions.

Thanks Amanda!

Mariella ,

When I came to see Amanda, I was having trouble digesting food properly. I was unable to eat ANYTHING without it going straight through me or causing bloating and stomach aches.

It was affecting both my work and my social life.

I would go out to dinner with friends and family and immediately look for the closest toilet on arrival just to know where it was.

Who wants to live like that?

I tried cutting all sorts of foods out of my diet and I could not pin point what specific foods were affecting me. One day I would be able to eat something and the next it wouldn't agree with me.

I was really at a loss and I found it was causing depression and I found myself staying home a lot more often and my confidence was getting low.

I have since learnt that it was not the foods that I was eating but the fact that I had the symptoms of leaky gut.

Amanda put me onto some supplements that would help aid with digestion and rejuvenate my gut.

We worked together on meal plans and excluded a lot of the main food intolerance's from my diet - caffeine, gluten, dairy, processed foods etc etc and introduced a plan of only eating organic foods and grass fed meats.

Since starting this diet and with the help of the supplements provided, It has completely changed my life!

I no longer have stomach aches, I no longer have bloating, I no longer rush to the toilet after a meal and I am living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I have gained so much knowledge about foods and healthier alternatives and I have also learnt more about what I am actually putting into my body and the effects on what it does to my gut.

Researching alternative foods and planning meals has become a weekly task and I am really enjoying cooking and experimenting again. My confidence has returned and I have found that my will power to say "no" to bad foods is so much stronger.

Just the fact of knowing that I can feel this good pushes me to keep going. Amanda has supported me throughout this journey and I couldn't thank her enough for the help she has provided me.

Amanda has always been an email or phone call away and always happy to help with any questions I have had.

She keeps me updated with the latest stories and recipes that she thinks may benefit or help me.

Its always a great feeling when you find someone who truly understands what you are going through and really takes pride in the knowledge and help they can offer someone.

I would love to have had a one on one consultation in person rather that an online skype session however I am so glad I went with Prana Thrive and not someone local.

I wasted a lot of time with dieticians and doctors in my local town only to feel like they didn't have my best interests at heart and my symptoms still persisted.

I wish I had gotten in touch with Amanda sooner.

A big thank you is all I can say!

I couldn't be happier with the progress I am making and knowing I have the support and guidance from Amanda makes this so much easier.

I have only been on this plan for a little over a month now and the changes I have already noticed are amazing!

My journey has only just begun, here is to a happy and healthy future!

Claire Long ,

When I started seeing Amanda, I was suffering from digestive issues and was aiming to reduce and eliminate adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms.

I now have much less bloating and muscle pain, with better digestion and improved energy

I loved the cutting edge testing! We used gut microbiome testing, incredible!!!

It cut out the guesswork and gave us the personalized full picture of mine and my daughter's problems!

I also loved the easy forms of communication, email/text and Amanda's compassion with supporting myself and my daughter on our journey to health. I sincerely appreciated the dispatching of products to our door promptly.

So grateful for Amanda's knowledge and her intuition dealing with my 9 year old daughters digestive issues! I firmly believe we wouldn't be in good health as we are now if it wasn't for her advice and continual support.

Thanks so much Amanda!!

Daniela Sammells ,

I was wanting to lose weight

I've now lost 12 kgs and still have a few to go. My overall health is better and I have more energy and no sugar cravings

I loved the tailor made diet to suit my taste and my needs. I also had great supplement support from Amanda which was imperative to getting me to my end goal. I had a good understanding of nutrition prior but I have learnt so much more and had great support on the phone when I had any questions, Amanda always got back to me.

I can't think of one thing that could have made this any better or more valuable.

Many thanks Amanda, you are very devoted and knowledgeable and I couldn't have gotten this great result without you!

Julie ,

"Before I started this program, I was struggling with low energy and imbalanced blood sugar levels.

I now feel a lightness and clarity especially in my brain, with greater endurance and stamina to keep going each day. My moods levelled out as did my monthly cycle. I felt more vibrant on the inside with a better capacity to stay focused.

The correspondence, articles such as blogs have been incredibly informative and thorough. To have Amanda on the other end to answer questions was a blessing. To receive written information at the end of each session, a summary and recommendations to help with the application of them a relief to have on hand as I needed them."

I really apppreciate all that you've done to assist me, and I can highly recommend your work to others!

Thanks again Amanda!

Zoe ,

When I came to see Amanda I was concerned about my PCOS, thyroid, adrenal fatigue and acne.

My acne is now under control and I am now learning more about my adrenal issues, gut issues and DNA - it's so great learning so much about my body. I feel more in control and I don't stress so much about my acne anymore.

Amanda is not like any other naturopath and takes a holistic approach. I love the DNA testing as it's making so much more sense about my health issues I have experienced before.

Thanks Amanda!

Melissa Madgwick ,

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