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Continue Reading To Learn More About Our Approach & Hear From Some Past Clients...

“I now look forward to each day
instead of dreading it”

"At 82, I suffered with irritable bowel for years, seeing countless specialists with no relief. Desperate, I found Amanda and in just months under her guidance, I'm transformed - full of energy and I now look forward to each day instead of dreading it. Even my family is astounded by the change!”

-Lynette Madden

“For the first time in years I am
free of indigestion”

“Struggling with a damaged stomach from arthritis medication, I had persistent indigestion. Working with Amanda changed everything. For the first time in years I’m free from indigestion and I have restored my stomach health. Always there when I need her, Amanda is a true professional”


“I wake up pain free, eager to
live each day...”

"For over a decade, I struggled with IBS and its constant pain, coupled with depression & anxiety. Amanda was not only understanding but deeply knowledgeable. Today, thanks to her, I wake up pain free, eager to live each day, and feel equipped to maintain my health journey.”

- Kate

“In 3 months my IBS is gone and my
skin cleared up!”

"After years of debilitating IBS, bloating and other gut issues and countless failed treatments, this program was a revelation. In just 3 months my energy has surged, IBS symptoms have gone, and my skin has cleared up. Now, not only can I enjoy food fearlessly, but I'm also expecting a baby!”

- Ashley,32,Victoria

Believe it or not, none of these clients spent months eating bland salads or skipping their favourite meals. Instead, they just found a smarter, game-changing way to heal from the inside out.

And it’s called…

The Microbiome Mastery Method

The Microbiome Mastery Method is fully customised gut health programs that identify and heal the root cause of your gut distress. 

It’s the same method I’ve used with countless individuals suffering from severe gut issues to help them transition from days dominated by pain, bloating, and discomfort to revitalised lives filled with energy, clarity, and joy.

Even if they've been disappointed by other treatments or told their problems were "all in their head." And unlike other programs, it doesn’t require endless restrictive diets or overhauling your family dinners.

Instead, it fits your life, letting you eat, enjoy, and heal without compromise.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

"In just 3 months, every symptom vanished."

"After years of constant stomach pain, bloating, and anxiety, I was almost resigned to living in discomfort. Amanda changed all that. In just 3 months, every symptom vanished. With her blend of science and support, Amanda crafted a realistic plan tailored to my life. Now, I don't just survive, I thrive."


“No more bloating, no rushing to the toilet!!”

“When I first found Amanda, I was unable to eat ANYTHING without it going straight through me or causing bloating and stomach aches. I tried cutting out foods, but I couldn’t pinpoint what was affecting me. I was at a loss, depressed, and staying at home more often because my confidence was low. But since starting this program with Amanda, it has completely changed my life! I no longer have stomach aches, I no longer have bloating, I no longer rush to the toilet after a meal. I’m finally living a happy and healthy lifestyle! My only regret is I didn’t find Amanda sooner!”

-Claire Long

“My symptoms have vanished … it’s life-changing!!”

"I came to Amanda burdened by lifelong food sensitivities, IBS and autoimmune disorders. But through her test, guidance and healing program, my symptoms have vanished, my energy is through the roof, and I've introduced new foods again! It’s life-changing!!"


“Cutting edge testing cuts out ALL the guesswork!!”

“I was suffering from digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, bloating and fibromyalgia symptoms. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to help. But in 3 months working with Amanada, my bloating has subsided, I have no muscle pain, and my energy levels have increased tenfold! The cutting edge testing takes out ALL the guesswork!! Thank you so much Amanda!!”

-Daniela Sammells 

As you can see, The Microbiome Mastery Method has helped many with gut health issues discover and heal the root cause of their struggles for lasting relief so they can get back to living the life they deserve. 

Meet Your Gut Health Experts...

Amanda Ledwith - Your Naturopath & Gut Health Guide

Over the past 20 years, I've seen it all: the frustration of bloating, the pain of inflammation, and the distress of unpredictable skin conditions. Many came to me feeling defeated, convinced they couldn't follow a diet or that nothing would work for them. But with my deep-rooted expertise in naturopathy and a personal commitment to healing the root cause of gut health issues, I've turned around the lives of countless individuals. 

They've gone from living in discomfort to enjoying meals without pain, understanding their bodies, and freeing themselves from the debilitating symptoms that once held them back. Running my online clinic for the past four years, I've analysed over 1,000 individual gut microbiome results, helping them live vibrant, symptom-free lives they never dreamt possible.

Victoria Samios - Microbiome Coach & Expert Microbiologist

Victoria started her journey in the microscopic world, spending nearly 20 years studying harmful and beneficial bacteria. If you're feeling trapped by poor mental health or have felt dismissed in the past, Victoria’s blend of traditional microbiology, fitness, and nutrition expertise offers a fresh approach. Her experience means she not only understands the science behind your symptoms but also recognizes the real-world impact they have on your daily life.

At Prana Thrive since 2019, Victoria has partnered closely with me, ensuring that every client, no matter how unique their challenges, finds the answers they've been longing for and begins their journey to holistic wellness.

Tracey Gartner - Naturopathic Practitioner

Now, Tracey isn’t just any practitioner.

She’s a Qualified Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Complementary Medicine and an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. 

Add to that her credentials as a Gut Ecology & Metabolic Maintenance Practitioner and a Qualified Breathwork Facilitator, plus her 16 years of client experience, and you know you're in the hands of an expert. 

But it’s not just her qualifications that make her stand out. Tracey aligns with our ‘Root Cause Approach’.

This means she doesn’t just slap a band-aid on symptoms. 

Instead, she delves deep, pinpointing the very root cause of your discomfort and addressing it head on with tailored dietary changes that are easy to stick with in your daily routine – so you get lasting relief from pain.

Between us, we have over 40 years of experience.

We’ve helped thousands of clients from across Australia restore their digestive bliss, and feel and look better than they ever imagined possible. 

You can achieve the same life-changing results too.

Want to learn more about our approach before your call?

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What is Akkermansia muciniphila?
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More Happy Clients...

“I loved the tailor made food changes to suit my needs!”

“I’ve lost 12kg, my health has transformed, I have all day energy and I no longer suffer from uncontrollable sugar cravings! I loved the tailor made food changes to suit my tastes and needs. I can’t think of one more thing that could have made this any more valuable! Life-changing, thank you!”

- Julie

"...feel better than I have in SO long!"

“In just one month I feel better than I have in SO long! I barely get any bloating at all now. I honestly can’t believe it and I am SO excited to continue getting better! Thank you so much!!”

Aimee B.

"She’s helped me with subjects that the medical profession (such as GP’s) seemed to have no idea about - or inclination to
help me..."

“I came to see Amanda with poor stomach health, liver problems, and not dealing with chemicals or toxins very well and I’ve got to say, it’s been amazing! My stomach and liver health has improved dramatically!

I am now well aware of what I should be putting into my body. Even when I consume something that I know isn’t right for me, I know the signs to look out for, and so getting back on track with Amanda’s advice is so easy.

She’s helped me with subjects that the medical profession (such as GP’s) seemed to have no idea about - or inclination to help me with. I’d wholeheartedly recommend working with Prana Thrive. It’s well worth it!”

- Shane.

"I will be forever grateful to the team at Prana Thrive and I’d highly recommend them for all things health related."

“I’d been suffering from chronic psoriasis for over 40 years, and I thought I’d tried everything to fix it. That’s when I came across Prana Thrive. Amanda informed me of a new cutting edge microbiome testing system and I took the test. I discovered that I had severe leaky gut and inflammation. That’s what was triggering my psoriasis.

I will be forever grateful to the team at Prana Thrive and I’d highly recommend them for all things health related. Thank you!”

- Clinton

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