BICOZN 60 Capsules



Product Indications:
• Zinc supports immune function by aiding the activity of white blood
cells and the antibody response
• Zinc may reduce the severity and duration of colds
• Zinc supports the healthy function of the male and female
reproductive system, and is required for the healthy function of sex
• Provides nutritional support before, during and after pregnancy, and
throughout lactation, and is essential to the growth and development
of a healthy baby
• Zinc is involved in the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels in
healthy individuals
• Zinc assists in protecting the cells of the body from free radical damage
• Provides nutrients to maintain healthy nervous system function and
support neurotransmitter production
• Zinc is necessary for the maintenance of healthy skin, and
is essential to the development of connective tissue which is
necessary for wound healing
• Zinc is important for the maintenance of healthy eyes

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