ANXIOTON 60 Capsules



Orthoplex White Label Anxioton is a
calming and relaxing formula designed
specifically to assist with the symptomatic
relief of mild anxiety, nervous tension,
sleeplessness and stress.
Aiding and supporting healthy relaxation,
socialisation and stress response, Anxioton
combines traditional herbal anxiolytics and nervines,
Kava kava, Passionflower, Magnolia and Lemon balm
with Zizyphus, Magnesium and Glycine. Ideal for
individuals experiencing nervous unrest and mild
anxiety, Anxioton also supports a restful night’s
sleep, symptoms associated with mild anxiety,
nervous tension and stress.
✓ Premium herbal extracts targeted for symptomatic relief
of mild anxiety and stress
✓ Assists healthy relaxation and socialisation
✓ Scientifically-relevant standardised Kavalactones 50mg
✓ Contains additional nutritional support: Magnesium
and Glycine
✓ Vegan-friendly and soy-free formula

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