Breakthrough Personal Wellness Programs

Gut Heal & Nourish Program w/ Mealplans

This program was designed as a great starting point in the process of healing leaky gut and beginning to nourish your microbiome. With intestinal permeability (aka leaky gut), being at the root cause of so many health complaints, healing leaky gut and reducing inflammation is often where I begin with my clients. Continue reading to learn why this could be your vital first step to healing...

Microbiome Balance Program w/ Testing

Using the latest technology in microbiome testing, we are able to uncover your personal gut bacteria profile. We are then able to identify where imbalances are occuring in your gut microbiome. And put together a targeted personal program based on your personal results, to bring your gut bacteria back into balance. Continue reading to learn more...

Genetic Wellness Program w/ Testing

Your genes are not your destiny! In this program you will discover your unique genetic profile using genetic testing. Based on what your genes reveal we are then able to put together a personal genetic wellness program. With targeted nutritional protocols, you are able stack the odds in your favour, and unleash your true genetic potential!

Are you feeling unsure which is the best program for you?

If you are not sure where to start or if you just have questions you would like answered...

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