Discover How Your Gut Bacteria Could Be The Root Cause Of Your Health Concerns...

  • Learn about a special bacteria, (that if missing) could be linked to your weight loss struggles, rampant inflammation, brain fog and even “leaky gut”.
  • Discover how underlying pathogenic or “bad” bacteria could be robbing you of energy and wreaking havoc on your digestive system (It’s MUCH more common than you think).
  • shocking discovery about an ancient bacteria, that if low, has been linked to anxiety, depression and other mood issues (Don’t worry it is possible to restore once you know).

Bloating & Gas 

Tired & sluggish 

Brain Fog 

Ibs & ibd

Poor Concentration

Hi, I'm Amanda Ledwith...

I have been involved in the health industry for 20 years, over a decade of which I have been working as a qualified wellness practitioner.

I have run my clinic online for the last 6 years and consulted with thousands of clients.

I have discovered a unique approach to get you the incredible long term health outcomes you desire...

...Even if you feel that you've tried everything and have played the guessing game for years.

If you are struggling with...

  • Bloating & Gas 
  • Irregular Bowel Motions (IBS)
  • Food & Histamine Intolerances 
  • Immune System & Sinus Issues  
  • Skin Problems & Allergies
  • Low Energy & Motivation 
  • Brain Fog & Memory Issues
  • Auto Immune Conditions
  • Weight Management Problems 
  • Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Depression)
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Joint Pain & Inflammation
  • IBD (Crohns, Colitis)
  • You may be surprised to learn...

    That all of these symptoms, and more, have been linked to an imbalance in your gut bacteria (aka Gut Dysbiosis) and leaky gut (aka Intestinal Permeability).

    There are 500-1000 species of bacteria present in your digestive system and the latest research is beginning to reveal their vital role in your health.

    With The Use Of New Technology...

    We are now able to identify the exact bacterial species within your Gut.

    This provides a crystal clear picture... 

    What we are learning is that each of these bacteria have very specific functions within your body.

    But, it's not been possible to "see" the levels of each bacteria before...

    ...Until now.

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    Don't Just Take My Word For It...
    What Our Clients Are Saying


    I was having gut health problems and needed some guidance re food and supplements.

    Working with Amanda was very easy, as she stayed in touch with each step along the way.

    Gut health is so so important. Working with Amanda will really help you to get well again.

    It's all about the GUT!


    When I came to see Amanda I couldn't digest much.

    She is very easy to talk to and she listens.

    My health has improved 200% since working with her.

    She is the best and she has saved my life.

    Love it all!


    I came to see Amanda to clear up infection digestion issues.

    It was a very positive experience. She is able to explain things in layman's terms, is non-judgemental and listens well.

    My infection has already cleared.. 

    I have recommended a number of friends and family to contact Amanda.

    Feel you've tried everything yet you're still suffering?

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