New Free Gut Health Video Reveals…
How Your Gut Bacteria Could Be The Root Cause Of Your Health Struggles...

Plus How To Take Control For Smooth Digestion,
Increased Energy and Healthy, Vital Life...

(Even If You Think You’ve Tried Everything)

“After suffering for two years with chronic stomach pain, bloating, nausea and anxiety, and exhausting every medical treatment, I am finally free from all of my symptoms. Amanda’s methods have healed me!”


Bloating & Gas 

Tired & sluggish 

Brain Fog 

Ibs & ibd

Poor Concentration

Thousands of people have waved goodbye to their gut health problems thanks to my unique three-step solution. Sign up for this free video fix the root cause of your symptoms and start ending your health struggles today. 

Plus, you’ll also discover:

  • Why expensive supplements and popular diets are a complete waste of your time and money – and the simple 3-step solution you can use to fix your gut health instead.
  • The real reason you’re so exhausted all the time – research shows there’s a type of “bad” bacteria which robs you of your natural energy. I’ll show you how to restore balance and achieve energy that lasts all day. 
  • How to strengthen a weak digestive system –  which helps prevent “leaky gut” symptoms, and protect you from inflammation and other threats.
  • Why you don’t have enough “mood boosting bacteria” – and how to get more of it in your diet to help combat anxiety, brain fog and depression.
  • And… how to finally heal your gut with a natural solution and enjoy all the welcome “side” effects of smooth digestion – like clear skin, easier weight loss, better energy and living the healthy, vibrant life you deserve!

“I no longer suffer from tummy aches, I no longer have any bloating, I no longer rush to the toilet after meals… my confidence has finally returned”


Hi, I'm Amanda Ledwith...

I’m a qualified naturopath; specialising in gut microbiome health.

To date, I’ve helped over 1,500 clients fix the root cause of their chronic digestive issues, so their stomach and bowel problems STOP coming back.

But as a young woman, I struggled with chronic sinus allergies and IBS for over ten years. My time was spent trying various different diets, and supplements, and even going through the medical system, finding no relief.

After over 10 painful years of wishing my discomfort away, I finally found a practitioner who showed me how to permanently heal my gut in just 3 months… without a long list of supplements or life-sucking dietary changes.

I was amazed, and inspired to study nutritional medicine too.

Today, my life is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned, and teaching other under-served people like you to find your version of relief and confidence.

Click below now to watch this free video I’ve put together for you.

I’ll show you how to fix the root cause of your digestive nightmares.

And take one small step to the smooth problem free digestion you deserve. 

Feel you've tried everything yet
you're still suffering?

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