Could Your Gut Bacteria Be The Key To Optimising Your Health?

The latest technology in gut microbiome testing reveals the previously hidden world within...

If You Would Like to Know What The Newest Research is Indicating About Gut Health Then Please Continue Reading...

If you have ever experienced bloating, food intolerances, allergies, skin problems, low energy, brain fog or even weight management and mood disorders...

You may be surprised to learn...

That all of these symptoms, and more, have been linked to an imbalance in your gut bacteria (aka Gut Dysbiosis).

There are more than 600 species of bacteria present in your digestive system and the latest research is beginning to reveal their vital role in your health.

We are also discovering that the imbalance of gut bacteria has also been linked to depression, anxiety and weight issues.

Have you tried many different diets and supplements but still suffer from digestive problems

Over the years I have had many clients come to me experiencing ongoing discomfort that they have simply learned to live with.

Terrible symptoms such as bloating, gas, indigestion, constantly feeling tired and sluggish, irregular bowel motions, skin reactions, food allergies, migraines, inflammatory bowel disease...

All of which can ultimately lead to feeling of embarrassment, depression, anxiety, and even cause feelings of uncertainty about the future.

About Amanda

Hi, my name is Amanda Ledwith and I have been involved in the health industry for 15 years, a decade of which I have been working as a qualified Naturopath.

I have owned my own business for the last six years, and have consulted with thousands of clients during that time.

Are you tired of feeling sluggish, bloated and suffering with digestive complaints?

The issue I have seen my clients suffer with more than anything else, during that time, by far would be digestive complaints.

Which is why I was so excited when I came across this way of eliminating digestive issues at the source.

It has been incredible to see my clients thrive and be released from their suffering once and for all.

Once I saw the kind of results they were getting...

...I knew I had to get this information into the hands of as many people as possible.

I had my own health struggles about 15 years ago...

For years I struggled with constant sinus allergies and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

I started my study to be a Naturopath, and so as I learnt, I changed my diet (dairy was a big one for me).

I did endless detoxes and elimination diets, took terrible tasting herbal concoctions...

...and saw numerous other practitioners to try solve my problems!

Eventually, after years of trying different things, I healed my leaky gut and resolved my allergies and digestive problems.

So it all worked, but if only this testing had been available back then, it would have saved me years, stress and a lot of money!

Here's the thing...

So much of this chronic discomfort, until recently, has been beyond your control.

What the latest research shows is that much of what you have been experiencing is a result of your unique makeup of gut bacteria, or what the scientists refer to collectively as your "Gut Microbiome".

The accumulation of bacteria.

For The First Time With The Use Of This Technology...

We are now able to identify the exact bacterial species within your Gut.

This provides a clear picture, so we are able to see exactly where the imbalances exist within your gut bacteria and bring them back into balance.

What we are learning is that each of these bacterial species have very specific functions within your body.

But, it's not been possible to distinguish the exact levels of each bacteria before.

That is until now.


It is responsible for helping to digest plant based foods, especially your leafy green veggies. It is important that this species of bacteria is in correct ratio to Bacteroidetes, which is responsible for an effective immune response.

If these bacteria are out of balance, certain foods such as resistant starches are really helpful to rebalance this ratio.

Bifiobacterium, if too low will indicate inflammation and potential leaky gut. 0 • These are just a few small examples of what different levels of these bacterial species can indicate,

Are You Beginning to See How Having This Information Can Be Incredibly Powerful?

But there is a catch...

The only way you can get access to this kind of personalised data is through...

Gut Microbiome Testing. (Gut Bacteria Testing)

And unless you’re a trained practitioner...

...this data will sound like a different language and as a result will be pretty much useless.

(even I had to learn how to "translate" this data after being in the health industry for 15 years)

Which is why I have taken this new information and put it all together into a breakthrough personalised program.

Daniela Sammells

When I started seeing Amanda, I was suffering from digestive issues and was aiming to reduce and eliminate adrenal fatigue​​​​ and fibromyalgia symptoms.

I now have much less bloating and muscle pain, with better digestion and improved energy​​​​

I loved the cutting edge testing! We used gut microbiome testing, incredible!!!

It cut out the guesswork and gave us the personalized full picture of mine and my daughter's problems!

I also loved the easy forms of communication, email/text and Amanda's compassion with supporting myself and my daughter on our journey to health.

I sincerely appreciated the dispatching of products to our door promptly.

So grateful for Amanda's knowledge and her intuition dealing with my 9 year old daughters digestive issues!

I firmly believe we wouldn't be in good health as we are now if it wasn't for her advice and continual support.

Thanks so much Amanda!!


A clear picture of what is really causing your digestive issues and how to stop them at the source.

Find out if your bacteria indicates 'leaky gut' and what you can do to repair it. Discover the exact percentage and ratio of different species of bacteria in your gut and which foods will bring them back into balance.

Identify any 'bad' bacteria present in your gut that may be keeping you unwell and exactly what you can do to fight it off.

Find out whether you have inflammation in your gut and how to reduce it Be given a personalised plan of foods, herbs and nutrients to bring your gut bacteria back into balance and get rid of those digestive problems for good.

A list of the correct prebiotic and probiotic foods, resistant starches and fibre th increase your gut microbiome diversity, based on YOUR results.

Finally you will save plenty of time and money rather than continuing to trial d f diets and supplements which may not even be correct for you!

Aaron Sullivan

"The information presented on my Gut microbiome test results were extensive.

I hadn't realised how much bacteria, good and bad, the human body carries, which only made it more valuable that I had taken the test.

Amanda explained it to me step-by-step, which bacteria I was lacking or in excess of, what these bacteria are responsible for and how it can affect my overall health.

I wasn't surprised that there may be some troublesome areas within my Gut.

Amanda was then able to show me the exact areas that needed attention and furthermore devise a healthy eating and supplementation plan to bring my gut back to a healthy state.

I am confident now, having scientifically backed information and support from Amanda, which allowed me to take control of my Gut health.

Highly recommended!"


This is What the Process Involves...

  • Once you have booked your Gut Microbiome Testing Program we will post you a test kit that you should receive within a few days.
  • When you receive your kit, it requires a small stool swab sample. All detailed instructions are included.
  • You will then post it directly to the lab in Australia where the microbiologists will process the sample. Reply paid envelope included.
  • A detailed report is then sent to me, so I am able to translate the data into a practical and actionable solution for you!

You will have 2 Consultations (Plus 2 bonus Check in calls) with me as part of the program...

  • An appointment will be made for your first online consultation, to discuss your current symptoms, diet, lifestyle and medical background.
  • This will give me a clear indication about your level of health and we will discuss exactly what you want to achieve.
  • We are based in Perth and our consultations are offered via Online meeting room (or phone if you prefer) so you can be in the comfort of your own home or work.
  • Here you will start a simple protocol so that you will begin to feel some instant benefits.
  • Your gut microbiome test results will take 4-5 weeks. Within this time you will have email support with me and receive foods and recipes to start you on your gut healing journey.
  • Your second online consultation will be to explain your gut bacteria testing results. This will give me and you a very clear picture of your gut health.
  • From here I will design a specific 3 month plan with easy to follow recommendations including: foods to help heal your gut, herbs and nutrients that will reduce inflammation, repair leaky gut and bring your gut bacteria back into balance based on YOUR results.
  • We will also address any gut infections or pathogenic bacteria that shows up on your gut microbiome test.
  • Here we will set long-term goals to keep you on track so you have a healthy gut for good!

Introducing the Breakthrough in Discovering Your Bacterial World Within...

Prana Thrive's

Gut Microbiome Testing Program

Gut Microbiome Test + 12 Week Personalized Plan

Here’s exactly what you get, and how this program works

  • 1
    Two Consultations: so that we can develop a personalised plan to address your health concerns.
  • 2
    Gut Microbiome Testing: to identify your unique gut bacteria both 'good' and 'bad', the exact percentage and ratio of these bacteria species, presence of inflammation and whether 'leaky gut' may be an issue.
  • 3
    Gut Microbiome Food Chart: outlining specific prebiotic and probiotic foods, fibre and resistant starches to balance and optimise your gut bacteria.
  • 4
    Email support with me for 12 Weeks: to give you personal and ongoing support to help you eliminate your health complaints for good.
  • 5
    Plus 2 bonus Follow-Up Consults: to help you keep on track with your 12 week plan.
  • 6
    8 Week Gut Healing Meal Plan with Recipes: Delicious healing recipes that gives you a simple plan to follow and takes away the confusion about what to cook.
  • 7
    Our e-book " The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Leaky Gut": A value packed ebook for you to follow along and dig deep to discover all you need to know to heal your gut. 
  • 8
    Gut Healing Foods List: Save time with this comprehensive list of your top gut healing foods to make your weekly shopping easy.

This is The Future of Health, Personalised Wellness and it’s Here For You To Access Right Now...

Click the button below to express your interest in gut microbiome testing now and together we can discover if this is the right program for you...

100% 'Risk Free' Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 'Risk Free' Guarantee. We guarantee that this Gut Microbiome Testing will indicate your exact ratio and percentage gut bacteria. If for some reason we are unable to discover your personal bacterial profile then you will be retested promptly free of charge.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Gut Microbiome Testing Program:

Dean Kurlansky

Since getting my gut microbiome test results analysed and recommendations from Amanda, I'm more clear than ever before about how foods can impact my microbiome, and ultimately, my health.

Since following her recommendations I feel a dramatic improvement with my digestion and elimination. Knowing what foods to eat and supplements to take and WHY, is truly empowering!

I highly recommend taking the Gut Microbiome testing with Prana Thrive - it's opened my eyes to a whole new world within.

Bernard Hill

I discovered Amanda and PranaThrive after suffering for more than two years from a range of symptoms including stomach pain, bloating, nausea and anxiety.

I had exhausted every conventional medical treatment and testing and had almost resigned myself to accepting my daily physical and mental discomfort as my new normal.

Three months since starting my consultations with Amanda, I am free of all symptoms. Amanda has healed me. This is the best endorsement I can give her.

Amanda’s friendly, caring and approachable style complements her deep knowledge of her subject. She practises a great combination of the most up to date scientific testing and ancient healing wisdom to diagnose and treat.

Amanda is attentive and patient in her explanations and advice, and promptly responds via email to any requests for information. She provided a shopping list, menus and other guides on how to put into practice a healthier lifestyle.

Amanda is also realistic in her expectations and factors into her advice both the practicalities of every day life and the challenges in making changes to diet.

I recommend Prana Thrive and Amanda to anyone who is tired of just surviving, and instead wants to thrive.

About Amanda

Working as a Naturopath for over a decade, Amanda has experience addressing a broad range of health-related concerns.

She has helped educate and empower many people to achieve greater levels of wellbeing.

In addition to her work as a Naturopath, Amanda owned Prana Health Food & Organics for 5 years.

This experience inspired her, and her partner Owen, to create Prana Thrive, an online wellness clinic and education resource.

Amanda is particularly passionate about personalised wellness plans, based on the Gut Microbiome and Nutrigenomic Testing.

Will I still be able to eat the foods I enjoy?

Chances are there are foods you are eating now, that you love, but could also be making you feel really unwell.

The Gut Microbiome Testing Program is about optimising your digestive process.

In the beginning, there will be certain foods that you may want to avoid for a limited time, depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Instead of focusing too much on the foods to avoid, I will be giving you a plan of healing foods and nutrients to add into your diet.

Once your gut microbiome test results come through we will then have a very clear plan of what foods and nutrients your body needs to bring your gut bacteria back into balance.

Once your gut microbiome is optimised you will be able to treat yourself and know that your system is able to handle it.

Will the testing tell me what foods I should avoid?

The answer to this question is a little be complicated, allow me to explain.

Firstly, let me be crystal clear. This is NOT a food allergy test. Personally I think a gut microbiome test is a much better use of your resources.

It does however help to identify how your current diet is impacting on your microbiome and therefore areas of diet that need to be focused on.

If leaky gut is indicated from your test then a leaky gut healing, anti-inflammatory diet is recommended.

Certain bacteria feed off omega-3 foods, probiotic foods, prebiotic foods and different types of fibre. So if there are any deficiencies in these different bacteria then appropriate recommendations will be made.

If your report identifies a high level of dysbiosis then fermentable foods and high histamine foods may need to be avoided for a period of time.

Foods that high in Oxalates can be hard to digest. If your microbiome test results show that you do not have the presence of a bacteria called Oxalobacter, I will provide you with a list of high oxalates foods to limit.

How does an online consultation work?

An online consultation simply means it is done over online meeting room (like Skype) or on the phone if you prefer. 

You will be posted an easy home test kit from our Perth office with a reply paid envelope for you to then post your sample to the lab in Melbourne, Australia.

I have worked with clients that were at first unsure about doing an online consult.

After chatting to me at their own convenience, they ended up loving the whole process and have even shared with their friends.

Once you have done an online consult with me, you will understand how truly convenient it can be. With technologies that allow us to be face to face and you being where you are most comfortable.

Online consultations can in some ways be more personal than you having to venture into an office or clinic type environment.

Still have questions?

Click the button below and enter your details now.

I will be in touch shortly to discuss your personal situation and answer any further questions you may have. Then together we can decide if this is the right program for you.

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What if I am taking antibiotics?

How long will it take to feel results or balance my bacteria?

Who can benefit from this testing?

How long will the test results take?

Will I need to change my diet permanently?

Can I claim on my private health care?

If you would like to discuss your personal situation further then please click on the chat bubble to the right below now.

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