Revealed...A Simple Formula to Heal Your Gut & Immune System...

(And address over 80% of common health complaints)

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Hi, I'm Amanda,

I promise if you watch the video above... will learn why the vital first step in your health journey begins in the gut.

You will also discover... 

...what the latest research is uncovering when it comes to gut health and a long list of health complaints.

If you have ever suffered with any of the below symptoms. Please stay right here on this page. 

The information could have the power to change your life.

This is for you if you are struggling with...

  • Mood disorders - Depression & Anxiety (Gut-Brain Axis).
  • Auto Immune conditions - Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Psoriasis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
  • Inflammatory skin conditions - Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Hormonal and Weight issues.
  • Chronic Fatigue and lack of Energy
  • Food Intolerences and Allergies - Dairy, Gluten Hayfever, Asthma, Sinus Infections, 
  • Candida, and Migraines.
  • SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
  • Plus many, many more...

Let me ask you a question…

Would you take comfort in knowing that you can move forward with your health, knowing you have built a strong foundation?

Allow me to introduce...

Our New Online Program Gut Heal & Nourish:

Here is everything you will receive as part of this program...


A step-by step roadmap, that will take you from chaos to clear vision. 


A journey is always easier when there are others there to help support you along the way.


We are here to support and guide you along the way. 


Take what you learn in this program and use it throughout your life.

The road that lays ahead...

Here is Exactly How The Program Rolls Out...


Welcome: Your Gut Health Roadmap

We begin by setting you up for gut healing success by walking you through the entire course and getting you familiar with what you will learn.

Here you will learn foundational principles about gut science and the gut heal and nourish lifestyle to prepare you for the epic journey you are about to start. 


Module 1: Growing Your Gut Brain

Develop a solid gut science knowledge base and deep understanding of how your gut and digestive system works. We take a guided tour of your gut - so you can grow your knowledge and finally understand how the gut works and how your food is digested.

You’ll be introduced to gut science fundamentals, basic anatomy and gut lining physiology, and of course the incredibly complex interaction with microbiome.

We will meet all the main microbial players involved in your gut health, talk about leaky gut, dysbiosis and take an in-depth look at how this absolutely fascinating body of yours connects with the gut and strives to keep you well.


Module 2: How to Heal + The Inflaming 5

Gain deep insight into the body’s innate healing system and what stops them. Learn how to recognise the triggers of inflammation that hinder healing and allow your gut to begin repair.

You will be introduced to common foods and body processes that cause inflammation, discover practical tips to calm the inflammation fire and how to access the incredible inbuilt ability of your body to heal.

Ultimately you will learn how to remove the roadblocks to health and healing.


Module 3: Forage For Friends + The Nourish Principle

Learn how to select foods that promote gut healing to optimise your wellness and take it to the next level.

We talk in depth about why what you eat matters and cover two important microbiome concepts needed in order to nurture your microbial ecology - replace and nourish.

Here we describe our gut best practices, supplements and foods for true healing and offer essential practical guidelines for nourishing, nurturing and replenishing your microbiome everyday.


Module 4: Home Health Check + Cultivating Calm

Embark on a life-changing microbiome lifestyle bootcamp.

You will explore how our modern lifestyle and home environment impacts our gut heath. Learn simple yet effective lifestyle changes you can put into practice right away to support your healing. So you can start to reshape your lifestyle and begin gut-proofing your daily routine.


Module 5: The Gut Health Side Effect + Gut Kitchen Fundamentals

Delve into the wonderful signs and symptoms of a healing gut and gain expert insight into the wholefood revolution that by-default boosts your nutrient intake, mineral levels and heals your body all at once.

We discuss the fundamentals needed to create a gut conscious kitchen and wholefood haven. We talk food prep and meal planning and provide all-important tips and advice on how to create health-full kitchen habits.


Module 6:Master the M Theory + The Silent Success Effect

Master how to stay on track with your well-earned progress and practical advice on what you can do when life gets in the way.

We talk about how to maintain your microbiome mindset and learn how to navigate the common pitfalls and stumbling blocks that gut healing may bring.

And finally we discuss the best ways to deal with potentially tricky situations involving family or social occasions and much more.

Some of the delicious meals that are part of this program...

Thai Style Chicken Mince Stir-Fry w. Bak Choy
Healthy Lemon Slice
Healthy Ginger Cake
Mexican Buddha Bowl

About Amanda Ledwith ND...

Amanda Ledwith has been involved in the health industry for 20 years, more than a decade of which she has been working as a qualified Naturopath.

She has been running her online clinic for the last five years, and has consulted with thousands of clients during that time.

She specialises in gut health and has personally analysed over 1000 individual microbiome results.

Over that time she began to see patterns of healing and so, decided to put all she had learned into an online program allowing her to serve many more people.

Gut Heal & Nourish Online Program...

Here is everything you will receive as a
part of your program...

  • Access to the complete 6-Module Gut Heal & Nourish Online Program: Easy to follow video trainings that will cut through confusion and give you clarity on your path forward.
  • GHN Program Workbook: A printable PDF workbook for you to follow along and write out your own personal goals.
  • 8 Week Gut Healing Meal Plan with Recipes (42 pages): Delicious healing recipes that gives you a simple plan to follow and takes away the thinking of what to cook.
  • Our e-book " The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Leaky Gut": A value packed ebook for you to follow along and dig deep to discover all you need to know to heal your gut. 
  • Gut Healing Foods Shopping List: Save time with this comprehensive list of your top gut healing foods to make your weekly shopping easy.
  • Gut Microbiome Food Chart: outlining specific prebiotic and probiotic foods, fibre and resistant starches to balance and optimise your gut bacteria. 
  • All of the mentioned Bonuses: Incredibly valuable resources to speed up the process and help you to get even faster results!
  • Access to our private Facebook group: so that you have support from your fellow gut health crusaders and to answer any questions that come up along the way.

All for only $297!

Or upgrade your program to Microbiome Restore w/ Victoria (Microbiome Coach & Microbiologist) and you will  also receive...

  • 30-Minute Initial Consultation (with Victoria): to get a full picture of your case history and personal health goals, plus address any initial health concerns and get you started on the path to wellness and feel instant benefit while we wait for your gut testing results.
  • Advanced Gut Microbiome Lab Test: to identify your unique gut bacteria both 'good' and 'bad', the exact percentages and ratios of these bacteria species, presence of inflammation, whether 'leaky gut' is an issue and so much more...
  • 60-Minute Results Consultation (with Victoria): to explain your comprehensive microbiome report and personalised 3-month plan which will address your health complaints.
  • Your Personal 3-Month Microbiome Balance Plan (by Amanda Naturopath): I will create a specific plan for you based on your own personal results to address where your gut is out of balance.
  • Everything from Gut Heal & Nourish plus all of the mentioned Bonuses: Incredibly valuable resources to speed up the process and help you to get even faster results!

All for only $997!
(Split Payment Available)

I don’t know about you, but in my own life I look for high impact solutions...

Some people refer to this as the 80/20 principle (Pareto’s Principle).

So to say 20% of what you do, generates 80% of your results…

Well from the perspective of your health... 

...I believe fixing your gut fits into that 20%.

Mini Casestudy...

When I came to see Amanda, I was having trouble digesting food properly. I was unable to eat ANYTHING without it going straight through me or causing bloating and stomach aches.

It was affecting both my work and my social life.I would go out to dinner with friends and family and immediately look for the closest toilet on arrival just to know where it was.

Who wants to live like that?

I tried cutting all sorts of foods out of my diet and I could not pin point what specific foods were affecting me. One day I would be able to eat something and the next it wouldn't agree with me.

I was really at a loss and I found it was causing depression and I found myself staying home a lot more often and my confidence was getting low.

I have since learnt that it was not the foods that I was eating but the fact that I had the symptoms of leaky gut.

Amanda put me onto some supplements that would help aid with digestion and rejuvenate my gut.

We worked together on meal plans and excluded a lot of the main food intolerance's from my diet - caffeine, gluten, dairy, processed foods etc etc and introduced a plan of only eating organic foods and grass fed meats.

Since starting this diet and with the help of the supplements provided, It has completely changed my life!

I no longer have stomach aches, I no longer have bloating, I no longer rush to the toilet after a meal and I am living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I have gained so much knowledge about foods and healthier alternatives and I have also learnt more about what I am actually putting into my body and the effects on what it does to my gut.

Researching alternative foods and planning meals has become a weekly task and I am really enjoying cooking and experimenting again. 

My confidence has returned and I have found that my will power to say "no" too bad foods is so much stronger.

Just the fact of knowing that I can feel this good pushes me to keep going. Amanda has supported me throughout this journey and I couldn't thank her enough for the help she has provided me.

Amanda has always been an email or phone call away and always happy to help with any questions I have had.She keeps me updated with the latest stories and recipes that she thinks may benefit or help me.

Its always a great feeling when you find someone who truly understands what you are going through and really takes pride in the knowledge and help they can offer someone.

I would love to have had a one on one consultation in person rather that an online skype session however I am so glad I went with Prana Thrive and not someone local.

I wasted a lot of time with dieticians and doctors in my local town only to feel like they didn't have my best interests at heart and my symptoms still persisted.

I wish I had gotten in touch with Amanda sooner.

A big thank you is all I can say!

I couldn't be happier with the progress I am making and knowing I have the support and guidance from Amanda makes this so much easier.

I have only been on this plan for a little over a month now and the changes I have already noticed are amazing!

My journey has only just begun, here is to a happy and healthy future!


Or take Amy for example, who made the decision to follow my plan… my eczema is 90% gone.

When I started following the Gut Heal & Nourish Program I had Eczema on my face. I did the gut health meal plan for 4 weeks and now my eczema is now 90% gone.

I loved the recipes. Easy and yum.

Amy Turner

What do you think?

Eczema 90% gone...

In only 4 weeks!

I want you to imagine...

...even if this program only helped you with your digestion and elimination... 

...which helped you to feel more confident within yourself.

Or if by reducing inflammation, you notice that your skin dramatically improves.

Or if by providing your gut bacteria with what they need...

...your mood begins to lift and your immune system thrives and fights off whatever comes its way.

Would it be worth it?

Of course it would be!

And now that you have this vital information within your grasp…

Why spend another day moving AWAY from what  you now know is possible?

Everyday you wait, is another day you are NOT getting the results you truely desire.

I want you consider what has led you to this point…

If you have stayed with me up to now, you know what I am saying resonates…

You could leave this page WITHOUT taking action right now and getting access to this vital information.

But, let me ask you a question…

What will change?

I have been doing this type of work for a long time now...

...and I have seen so many people continue to needlessly suffer while they either try to “Figure it out on their own…”

Or get lost in a world of indecision, overwhelm and pain.

Please don’t let that be you.

If you are here, the opportunity is available to you RIGHT NOW.

And I strongly encourage you to take full advantage of this incredible offer and the momentum you have NOW.

And to make this decision even easier for you, I am going to take on all of the risk.

If for whatever reason you feel the program is not what you signed up for, or even if you decide it is simply not for you…

Let me know within 30-Days you are unhappy and I will provide you with a prompt refund.

You really have nothing to lose.

Go ahead click the button below to get started now.

Once you have clicked the button you will land on a secure order page where you can review everything you will receive today.

Within 10 minutes of securing your place, you will receive a welcome email with a link to access your program including all of the special BONUSES.

If you choose to upgrade to Microbiome Restore... 

...You’ll also receive an email with Victoria’s calendar link to book in for your 30-min Initial Consult and get you started ASAP + your Gut Microbiome Test Kit will be mailed to you.

Go ahead click the button now and together we can get you started to feeling the best you ever have... 

...with the clarity and certainty that comes with a clear path forward.

Gut Heal & Nourish Online Program...

Here is everything you will receive as a part of your program...

  • Access to the complete 6-Module Gut Heal & Nourish Online Program, Workbook, E-book, 8 Week Meal Plan with recipes, Microbiome Food Chart, Facebook group.

All of this for only $297!

Or upgrade your program to Microbiome Restore and you will also receive...

  • Advanced Gut Microbiome Lab Test
  • 2x Consultations (with Victoria)
  • Your Personal 3-Month Microbiome Balance Plan (by Amanda Naturopath)

All of this for only $997!

Still have questions?

If you have questions we offer a FREE 15-Minute Gut Evaluation Call.
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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Who can benefit from this program?

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