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  • Are you tired of feeling fatigued and sluggish?
  • Are you experiencing constant unwanted brain fog?
  • Do you have niggling aches and pains you just can't seem to shake?

About Amanda

My name is Amanda Ledwith and I have been involved in the health industry for 15 years, a decade of which I have been working as a qualified Naturopath. I have owned my own business for the last five years, and have consulted with thousands of clients over that time.

I came across this life changing information about 3 years ago...

I was doing research to help a client at the time. I couldn’t believe what I had found! To top it off this particular breakthrough and delivery method had only just been released to the general public.

It was one of those scenarios that in life, where I was in the right place at the right time.

Which, if you are reading this right now, could very well be one of these times in your own life.

Where breakthrough information shows up, and provides you with the answer you have been looking for.

If you are feeling unsure or even a bit skeptical...

Allow me to explain exactly what I am talking about...

And why the following information may be just what you have been looking for to move forward with your health...

Let me ask you a question... Does any of this sound familiar?

You stumble out of bed in the morning reaching for the coffee in the hope that it will lift that constant brain fog that has crept its way into your life…

Just to fight your way through another day, battling the everyday stresses of life exasperated by the fact that you are also dealing with constant niggling aches and pains…

Only to collapse in exhaustion on the couch when you get home… and think “Does it have to be such a struggle?”

Well, I am here to tell you with total certainty that it does not!

But it's not your fault... didn't have the information I am about to share with you.

So much of what you are experiencing comes down to a combination of these things - chronic inflammation and overwhelming oxidative stress.

All while your body deals with a constant toxic burden!

Glutathione is often referred to as the
‘Mother of all Antioxidants’...

Also known as the ‘Master Antioxidant’...

It is the primary detoxifier and protector of the cells. 

This is very different from the other antioxidants that I am sure you have heard of before. Things like blueberries, chocolate and resveratrol.

These are all great sources of external or endogenous antioxidants, but Glutathione is a very different thing. It is what is referred to as an endogenous antioxidant...

...Which simply means it is produced within your body.

It is responsible for the recycling of other antioxidants such as, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

In the fight against free radicals...

Glutathione's ability to recycle other antioxidants makes it the master antioxidant. It is on the front line of your antioxidant defence system.

It is also a major player in another internal battle...

...the fight against cellular inflammation! 

Glutathione is in every cell of your body and when your levels are high, inflammation will be reduced.

Inflammation is part of the body's immune response, so if your immune system is strong and your body can effectively get rid of toxins then inflammation will be reduced. This is a key role of glutathione!

Unfortunately, glutathione levels naturally decline as we age as a result of things such as toxins, poor diet, smoking, excess sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep. 

Even excessive exercise can deplete your body's glutathione.

In the world we now live in, it is impossible to avoid toxins, which is why it becomes vital for you to boost your Glutathione levels.

Benefits of Raised Glutathione in Your Body...

  • Increases ENERGY
  • Strengthens your IMMUNE SYSTEM
  • Slows down the AGING PROCESS
  • Reduces muscle and joint INFLAMMATION and PAIN
  • Reduces the effects of STRESS
  • Detoxifies your LIVER and every CELL in your body
  • Improves mental CLARITY and FOCUS
  • Improves quality of SLEEP
  • Improves SKIN
  • Enhances athletic PERFORMANCE and RECOVERY
  • Powerful chelator of HEAVY METALS

Not all Glutathione supplements are created equal...

The problem with most GHS supplements is that they are destroyed by your stomach acid and therefore are not able to be absorbed into your cells, where it is really needed, so the supplement is almost useless!

The solution to optimising your glutathione in the cells, that I have discovered, is very different...

It is based on patented breakthrough research.

This breakthrough compound works by shuttling the delicate cysteine molecule, allowing it to bypass the stomach and get into your cells, exactly where it is needed!!

Cysteine is one of the main building blocks your body uses to make glutathione.

Glutathione is made up of cysteine, glutamine and glycine. Glutamine and glycine are more readily available through dietary sources whereas for most people the missing link is cysteine.

Here's the part I love...

You are giving your body the building blocks it needs to make more of its own Glutathione.

NOT synthetic Glutathione, which as I have mentioned doesn't get into your cells, which is where it is really needed!

Here is the really incredible part...

The patented compound I am referring to has been shown in studies to increase Glutathione levels by nearly 300% in 60 days!!

My #1 Solution to naturally raise your Glutathione
levels and optimise your cellular function...

With This Breakthrough Patented

This breakthrough compound which has been shown in studies to increase cellular Glutathione levels by nearly 300%!!

To make this product even more powerful there is a blend of other potent herbs and nutrients which synergistically combine to raise Glutathione levels in the body.

This is a truly powerful formula!

So as you can see this product really is like 6 in 1!

I do want to emphasize however, what really makes this product a standout and puts it on a whole other level is the patented compound I have discussed...

Which will...

  • 1
    Protect your cells from oxidation: to prevent disease and slow down the ageing process.
  • 2
    Detoxify your liver and the cells in your body: remove the toxic burden on your body and optimise your energy & health at a cellular level!
  • 3
    Strengthen your immune system: fight off those colds n flus, reduce allergies and improve autoimmune disorders.
  • 4
    Reduce inflammation: get rid of joint and muscle pains, fight heart disease and improve physical performance.
  • 5
    Increase Your Energy: By protecting your precious mitochondria (where you produce energy).

What some of our clients are saying...

David McKendrick

“substantial improvement in my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms".

“I've been using this product for 3 yrs now and my general health and energy levels have been amazing along with the substantial improvement in my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms".

Jo-Anne Hodson - Therapist

“ I honestly believe that my increased daily glutathione intake helps make it all possible."

"Glutathione is better than wine! I'm a 63 year old woman with some of the niggling challenges of age like arthritis and lower levels of energy. I also work full time, have young grandchildren, and I'm completing my Masters degree. I honestly believe that my increased daily glutathione intake helps make it all possible."

Coby McKendrick

“my energy is fantastic all day long!!"

“As a woman with 3 very energetic young children, I would dread the 4pm slump in energy that I normally felt. This no longer applies and my energy is fantastic all day long!! Also the pain I feel during ovulation has been drastically reduced.

How you can get this incredible 

SPECIAL OFFER: If you would like to try this product for 3 months you will receive a FREE NATUROPATHIC CONSULTATION (valued at $147).
Simply click on the button below and express your interest. I will call you to discuss this product and answer any questions you may have.

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About Amanda

Amanda has been active in the natural health industry for over 15 years. Working as a Naturopath for over a decade, Amanda has experience addressing a broad range of health-related concerns. She has helped educate and empower many people to achieve greater levels of wellbeing. In addition to her work as a Naturopath, Amanda owned Prana Health Food & Organics for 5 years. This experience inspired her, and her partner Owen, to create Prana Thrive, an online wellness clinic and education resource. Amanda is particularly passionate about digestive health and nutrigenomics to develop personalised wellness plans.

Can I just get more Glutathione from the foods that I eat?

You may be thinking "I can just get extra Glutathione in my diet?"

By all means, you can try, and I will always recommend an optimal diet over supplementation whenever possible. But to raise Glutathione levels by these amounts, through diet alone, is simply not possible.

Also as I mentioned, Glutathione is a recycler of other antioxidants. So when you supplement with this product you are optimizing your bodies ability to make the most of the nutrients present within your existing diet.

So is it really as simple as supplementing with
this product?

I have done all the research for you and trust me when I tell you this is the best product on the market.

There are well over 100,000 studies on Glutathione on PubMed. Just to put that in perspective there are about half that many on Vitamin C.

So we have known that Glutathione is critically important for a long time. In fact, it was first discovered in 1889, but it has only recently been discovered how to effectively raise our levels.

Just think, simply by raising your Glutathione levels, you could be jumping out of bed in the morning, with the energy and clarity of mind you want and desire for your life.

I want you to imagine being free of the aches and pains that you have simply learned to live with...waking up one day and realizing that the pain has gone!!

What would that allow in your life?

Perhaps it’s a favourite sport you used to play when you were younger. It still brings you joy, but with the pain that follows it is simply not worth it.

Or maybe you are just looking for more energy, so when you get home at the end of the day and your kids want to spend time and play with you, you still have plenty in the tank.

Are you are looking to take your career to another level?

Perhaps the brain fog and sluggishness that has become your constant companion is holding you back from being all you can be.

Please do not let continued oxidative stress and rampant inflammation destroy your body and mind...

You now have the information to make an empowered choice about your future wellness. 

So don’t waste another minute, the time is now and together we can get you well on your to feeling vital health.

I have never offered bonuses like this before...

I am offering a FREE NATUROPATHIC CONSULTATION (valued at $147) if you would like to try this product for 3 months.

I am so confident you are going to love feeling the benefits that come with optimised Glutathione levels, I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

If for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied or even if you just simply change your mind, send the product back for a refund (postage not included).

So there you really have nothing to lose!

You can relax and know you are on your way to feeling your best.

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Secure Payment

100% Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected, I am offering a complete no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied or even if you just simply change your mind, send the product back within 30 days for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is is okay to take this product with other medications?

Will this product cause detox symptoms?

Are there studies that show this product will do what you says it does?

How long will I have to take it?

P.S. Remember, like me, you are one of the lucky ones. When I discovered this breakthrough compound I knew I had to share it with as many people as I could, I am grateful to have been able to share it with you.

P.P.S. Thank you for trusting in me. Now trust in yourself, don’t waste any more time or energy. The power is in your hands and you deserve to experience vital health. Click the button now so you can feel the difference optimised Glutathione levels will have in your life.

Yes, I want all the benefits that come with optimised Glutathione levels now!

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