Amelia Conquered IBS-V While Battling Depression, Anxiety & Hormonal Imbalances w/Microbiome Mastery in 9 Months!

Hey there! It’s Amanda, and today I want to share with you an inspiring success story of one of our clients, Amelia.

Amelia is a 39-year-old from New South Wales and approached us with the desire to reclaim her energy and manage depression without relying on medication. 

She had a long history of depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety, along with an array of troublesome symptoms. Let’s dive into the incredible transformation she experienced during her 6-month Microbiome Mastery Program.

Depression, Anxiety, Digestive Issues, Adenomyosis, Chronic Fatigue, Sinus

Amelia’s health struggles had been gradually increasing.  She’d been battling with long-standing depression starting in high school, and over time, she developed chronic fatigue and anxiety, and she was later diagnosed with adenomyosis.
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The list of her symptoms seemed to begin to take over her life, including chronic sinus congestion, digestive issues, bloating, heartburn, occasional nausea, IBS-V, constipation, aches and pains, acne, amenorrhea, and sleep disturbances.

Amelia felt she had exhausted conventional medical options and was looking for a solution that got to the root cause of her problems.

February 2022: Amelia’s 6-Month Gut Healing Commitment to Herself

Amelia’s initial microbiome test showed reduced diversity, very high IBS score, high inflammatory bacteria and low levels of beneficial bacterial groups.
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Based on Amelia’s symptoms and the results of her microbiome testing, I carefully curated a tailored 6-month program for her.

Alongside specific supplements targeting stress management and hormonal balance, prebiotics, and probiotics, I emphasized the importance of dietary adjustments to support her gut health. These adjustments included incorporating more resistant starch and probiotic-rich foods into her daily routine.

Early Gut Health Progress and Promising Results

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Amelia’s dedication and commitment paid off sooner than expected. Within the first two months of the program, she noticed a remarkable improvement in her digestive symptoms and nausea. Her bowel movements became regular, and her energy levels started to soar.

Additionally, midway through the program, Amelia’s blood tests revealed improved B12 and iron levels, reduced liver markers, and enhanced thyroid markers. She was thrilled to witness these positive changes in her overall well-being.

Although anxiety and depression remained a rollercoaster ride for Amelia, she successfully reduced her reliance on prescription medication, aligning with her ultimate goal. By the end of her 6-month journey, Amelia’s digestive symptoms had vanished entirely, and her energy levels continued to increase.

While she acknowledged that managing anxiety and depression was still a work in progress, she felt empowered to navigate her emotions better.

October 2022 Retest Results: A Testimony to Amelia’s Transformation

Amelia’s commitment to her well-being didn’t stop at the end of the program. She opted for a retest after a few months, eager to gauge her progress. The results unveiled a remarkable transformation. 

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Her beneficial Lactobacillus bacteria had flourished, with a significant increase in the number of strains from 6 to an impressive 17! Notably, her IBS score had dropped by 24%, and the overall diversity of her gut microbiome increased 128 points from a Krona score of 341 to 469!
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Furthermore, the retest highlighted the recolonisation of her Bifidobacteria which were absent in her first sample.

The retest results spoke volumes about Amelia’s incredible transformation. Notably, her Akkermansia, a leaky gut indicating essential bacteria, had significantly improved. Initially at alarmingly low levels, this critical bacterium had now reached the medium range, providing invaluable support to her immune and digestive systems. 

This increase alone played a vital role in resolving her gut inflammation symptoms, including bloating, heartburn, nausea, and irregular bowel movements.

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Excitingly the inflammatory bacteria, Bacteroides vulgatus decreased from 14% to 8%. This reduction indicated a positive shift towards a healthier gut environment and a lower risk of inflammation-related symptoms.

Beneficial strains also work in harmony to improve mood, alleviate stress, and reduce anxiety via the production of important metabolites, like B vitamins. The emergence of new species highlighted the ongoing restoration of Amelia’s gut ecosystem and ability to deal with stress.

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Amelia’s Journey to Vitality and Happiness

Amelia’s story is a testament to the power of personalized gut health interventions and the transformative potential of addressing the root cause of health concerns. 

If you’re inspired by Amelia’s story and eager to embark on your own transformative journey, we are here to support you. Our gut microbiome testing programs combine personalized interventions, targeted supplementation, and dietary adjustments to help you optimize your gut health and reclaim your vitality.

Remember, your gut health is the foundation of your well-being. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant life with Prana Thrive…

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