How Matthew Beat Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Bloating & Fatigue in 11 Months!

Hello there, I’m Amanda! And I’m excited to share with you an inspiring case study of Matthew (a 42-year-old from New South Wales) who embarked on a transformative gut microbiome journey with the help of Prana Thrive’s Microbiome Mastery Program in 2020. 

Matthew’s primary goal was to optimize his health and gain control over his persistent anxiety, which had followed him since childhood and ran in his family. 

Determined to make a positive change, Matthew wanted to get to the bottom of his anxiety and make a permanent change. His incredible progress is truly inspiring.

Sporadic Panic Attacks & Uncontrollable Anxiety Despite Medication

Prior to seeing me, Matthew was already taking numerous supplements; including anxiety medications, melatonin, chromium, probiotics, fish oil, B vitamins,turmeric, magnesium, and L-glutamine.

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But still experienced a variety of debilitating symptoms, including anxiety, panic attacks, sleep issues, bloating, a feeling of fullness, irregular bowel movements, food reactions, and afternoon fatigue.

He had also consulted with a nutritionist and had begun to follow a diet that was low in dairy, moderate in protein, and rich in vegetables. 

His initial gut microbiome testing revealed reduced diversity, a very high IBS score, elevated levels of inflammatory bacteria, and low levels of beneficial groups.

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October 2020 – Personalized Plan and Lifestyle Adjustments

Matthew’s tailored six-month gut health plan included specific supplement recommendations to manage stress and balance his nervous system, along with prebiotics and probiotics.

Additionally, he was advised to reduce coffee consumption and incorporate more microbiome-fueling foods into his diet.

Matthew embraced these recommendations and diligently followed his personalized plan, making small but significant adjustments based on his microbiome results. He increased his intake of resistant starch and probiotic foods, aligning his dietary choices with his gut health goals.

November 2021 – Retesting and Positive Progress

After completing the six-month plan, Matthew reported improved energy levels,stabilized moods, better stress management, and a complete absence of anxiety surrounding food. Matthew decided to retest to assess his progress.

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The retest results confirmed his positive transformation. 

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The Lactobacillus bacteria in Matthew’s gut had significantly increased, with the number of strains doubling. His initial high IBS score had decreased by 26%, indicating a substantial improvement.
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The diversity of his gut microbiome, as measured by the Krona score, had skyrocketed from 376 to an impressive 608. 

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Additionally, the levels of Bifidobacteria and Akkermansia had improved, while the inflammatory bacteria Bacteroides vulgatus had decreased from 15% to a mere 8%.


He also saw the return of Faecalibacterium to the ideal range from 25% to 10% playing a crucial role in promoting beneficial butyrate production while preventing excessive inflammation.

Success and Maintained Results

Matthew’s gut microbiome journey highlights the profound impact of personalized gut health interventions.

He recently reported his anxiety is completely gone and he is considering coming off his medication with his doctor. His overall health is still great which he attributes to his plan and dedication 2 years ago!

By following a targeted program, making dietary adjustments, and incorporating specific supplements, he experienced a significant improvement in his overall well-being. 

If you resonate with Matthew’s experience and are seeking similar results, I encourage you to book your Free Gut Evaluation call here…

With personalized guidance, tailored supplement recommendations, and targeted lifestyle adjustments, you can embark on your own transformative journey towards optimal gut health and vitality.

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