How Katie Healed Her Chronic Psoriasis, Tonsillitis, IBS, Bloating & Reflux in 11 Months

Hi, I’m Amanda founder of Prana Thrive, and I want to share another incredible real-life success story with you today.

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In just 11 months, Katie (a 49-year-old from Western Australia with a lifetime of health obstacles) took our Microbiome Mastery Program, healed her gut, and discovered renewed hope and vitality.

This is a story of resilience and true transformation, I’m sure you’ll be as inspired by her progress as I am.

Seizures, Diabetes, PTSD, Psoriasis, Chronic Tonsillitis

When Katie first came to see me in April 2022, she’d been suffering with chronic tonsilitis and regular cold and flu symptoms for the past decade.

She also had a long medical history and complex health concerns.

She’d suffered with febrile seizures in childhood, which in her early twenties resulted in a stroke-induced coma and developing diabetes in hospital. She has been involved in multiple car accidents leaving her with PTSD which then triggered psoriasis from ongoing high stress and chronic body aches and pain.

Her journey was filled with adversity.

By the time Katie sought our help, she’d felt she exhausted her options with her GP of 30 years and was ready to try a different (and long-term) healing approach.

Katie’s Initial Symptoms

During our initial consultation, Katie was very overwhelmed recounting her lifelong struggle with her health. She felt like giving up.

She’d been dealing with chronic tonsillitis, psoriasis, bloating, reflux, hormonal imbalances, dry skin, headaches, and persistent body pain. Despite her efforts, including trying different supplements and consulting various healthcare professionals, Katie had only experienced temporary relief.

Katie was frustrated with the traditional approach of relying heavily on antibiotics. She knew more antibiotics were not the answer and was desperate for a different solution.

She was ready to create lasting change.

I provided personalized dietary and supplement recommendations for Katie’s sinus and digestive issues while we waited for her gut microbiome testing results

Additionally, I was confident that Katie could heal her psoriasis based on my own successful track record. But also get her closer to her primary goals of achieving a “healthy weight and reducing pain levels and inflammation”. 

April 2023: Gut Microbiome Results & 6-Month Plan

Katie’s initial gut microbiome test results showed high inflammatory bacteria levels, high IBS score and low levels of beneficial bacteria

image 7

Her plan was designed around these results while supporting her underlying health concerns naturopathically. Unfortunately, Katie contracted COVID-19 during her first month on the program, but remarkably recovered swiftly, without the viral infection progressing into a secondary chest infection. 

This was the first time in years that Katie did not require antibiotics. 

By the second month, Katie’s digestion had improved significantly, and she experienced a newfound energy that allowed her to prepare healthy meals from her personalized meal plan. She told me her psoriasis had started clearing and she’d lost 10kg.

And by the third month, her psoriasis had completely disappeared, and her immune system grew stronger, evident from the absence of throat and sinus mucus. And she continued to lost weight, moving closer to her goal weight.

image 9

March 2023: Retesting Results & Further Progress

After completing her initial 6-month Mastery Program, Katie returned in March 2023 for a retest to assess her progress. She still had some lingering tonsillitis symptoms and had further pain resulting from another car accident.

Her microbiome retest results reflected her improved symptoms.

The levels of Lactobacillus bacteria had doubled, indicating the successful colonization of additional strains. Excitingly, her Bifidobacteria and Akkermansia had repopulated, with Akkermansia reaching optimal levels of 1.5%. 

image 6

Katie’s IBS score had decreased by 20%, signifying enhanced digestive health. 

These exceptional shifts were supported by a more balanced Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes ratio indicating more anti-inflammatory bacteria and a healthier microbiome.

image 8

Microbiome Mastery Reflections

As I reviewed Katie’s retest results, it was clear that we had addressed the underlying cause of her symptoms, evidenced by the positive changes in her gut microbiome profile.

Her overall diversity had increased significantly and inflammatory markers had reduced. All suggesting a more robust and resilient gut ecosystem providing a positive impact on Katie’s overall health.

Katie herself experienced a profound transformation throughout the Microbiome Mastery Program. By the end of her journey, she felt more energized and less stressed, enabling her to engage in regular exercise and pursue activities she had longed to do for years.

Katie’s newfound vitality and improved well-being gave her the energy to embark on starting a new business, something she had always dreamed of but couldn’t pursue due to her ill health.

If you’re ready to embark on your own journey towards improved health and well-being, we invite you to learn more about how our gut microbiome testing programs can assist you. 

You don’t have to face your health challenges alone. If you feel called, we are here to support you every step of the way on your path to optimal well-being.

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