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About Us

Hi, thanks so much for being here!
Let me ask you a question…

Do you ever feel confused by all the conflicting health advice?

Are you looking for simple high impact steps that will move you towards greater wellness?

Or maybe you are just looking to end ongoing health complaints once and for all?

Yes? Good... you are in the right place!

We would love to tell you that the pursuit of health is a simple one. But the fact of the matter is it can be complex at times.

There are however, simple high impact steps you can take to drastically stack the odds in your favour.

This is where we come in…

At Prana Thrive we take the latest research based information, and distill it down into clear, actionable steps.

Through our blog and our various health programs, it is our mission to educate and inspire you and your family to experience greater levels of vitality and wellbeing in your lives!

Some of Our Happy Clients

When I came to see Amanda I was concerned about my PCOS, thyroid, adrenal fatigue and acne.

My acne is now under control and I am now learning more about my adrenal issues, gut issues and DNA - it's so great learning so much about my body. I feel more in control and I don't stress so much about my acne anymore.

Amanda is not like any other naturopath and takes a holistic approach. I love the DNA testing as it's making so much more sense about my health issues I have experienced before.

Thanks Amanda!

Melissa Madgwick

Many thanks Amanda!

Having had of variety of minor health issues culminating in Leaky Gut Syndrome I decided to undergo a Genomic Test. The main reason was to see if it could also help my children with their health.

I have to say the results showed me the reasons for my problems therefore pointing the way for major improvements. The test replaces guessing with knowing.

I have been working with Amanda for six months on a specific diet tailored to my genetic profile and though I am 77 years of age, have seen major improvements in my health. One of my daughters seems to be following my pattern of symptoms so I am able to guide her from my results. She is also improving.

Many thanks Amanda!

Valmai Parker

Maria's Testimonial

I met Amanda at Subiaco Markets as I bought all my organic foods and health products from her at Prana. I was attracted to her exceptional personality and professional knowledge immediately. As time went by, I shopped more and more with her. She has been guiding me with my health for the last 3 years. With her assistance, I have done the Genomic Wellness Testing. After receiving a detailed report about my wellbeing we went through the results together and she has recommended an optimal treatment plan. After seeing mine, my husband also did the test. I would recommend Amanda to everyone, she is very pleasant and knowledgeably person. Thank you very much for all your help Amanda.


substantial improvement in my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms".

“I've been working with Amanda 3 yrs now and my general health and energy levels have been amazing along with the substantial improvement in my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms".

David McKendrick

Our Journey to This Point

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Amanda Ledwith and I has been involved in the health industry for 20 years, over a decade of which she has been working as a qualified Naturopath.

Amanda has experience addressing a broad range of health-related concerns and has helped educate and empower many people to achieve greater levels of wellbeing.

She has run her online clinic for the last four years, consulted with thousands of clients and personally analysed over 1000 individual gut microbiome results.

In addition to her work as a Naturopath, Amanda owned Prana Health Food & Organics for 5 years, located in the Subiaco Markets, Perth.

This experience inspired her, and her partner Owen, to create Prana Thrive, an online wellness site, education resource and consultation company.


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Owen has had an avid interest in natural health for more than a decade, particularly in the realm of the mind.

As a dedicated meditator, he sees meditation as a cornerstone to a vital life, believing regular practice allows individuals to live where they are at cause in their lives.

A proficient researcher, Owen is always discovering new ways to grow and connect to his flow, taking interest in health and wellness practices, including adaptogenic herbs, nutrition, biofeedback, movement and breathing practices.

Previously having owned a cafe and working in hospitality for 15 years. Owen is also passionate about food and service. He believes great food is both delicious and nourishing to the body and mind. You will find some of his creations as part of our meal plans.

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Victoria Samios (microbiome coach & microbiologist)

Victoria has studied and worked in the health and wellness industry for almost 20 years. She began her career in a busy hospital microbiology lab - where she learnt and worked with bacteria for over 12 years.

During this time she developed significant knowledge and understanding of opportunistic microorganisms - those which can cause the body harm and how they are managed with a conventional approach.

Looking for holistic solutions after the birth of her first child in 2013, Victoria developed a keen interest in the beneficial bacteria of the human microbiome - those that help and support health.

Integrating traditional microbiology knowledge with her fitness and nutrition background (and endless microbiome researching) saw the beginning of her passion - gut health and wholefood lifestyle focused wellbeing.

Victoria has been consulting with Prana Thrive since 2019, working with and learning from both Amanda and Owen - and thoroughly enjoying herself immersed in the fascinating world of holistic gut health.

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